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Feasibility studies
Market analysis
Competitor visits and evaluations
Site evaluation
Pro-forma analysis
Superior product design guidance
Unit mix designed for optimum occupancy
Pricing models maximizing revenue for every unit
Amenities specific to the desired resident profile
Finishes that provide the best return on investment
Model and clubhouse design concept guidance
Complete marketing concepts and campaign guidance
Pre-opening guidance
Selection of Management company
Oversight of Management company/Asset Management

Due Diligence
Physical unit inspections
Resident file reviews
P & L reviews
Rental rate analysis
Market positioning
Management team evaluations

Corrective Plans or Repositioning Of Assets
Evaluation of existing product and management team
Evaluation of pricing and market position
Evaluation of highest and best use
P & L review
Resident profile review
Design improvements to better compete with marketplace
Capital improvement recommendations
Management improvement plans
Leasing improvement plans and training
Marketing and advertising plans
Employee recruitment and training
Fair Housing compliance and training

Asset Management
Oversight of management company
P & L reviews, accounts receive reviews, accounts payable reviews
Contract reviews
Pricing maximization
Physical inspections of asset(s)
Monitor of year over year trends
Monitor of profit margin
Debt compliance review
Debt, insurance and real estate tax monitoring
Capital Improvement oversight
Budgeting review and oversight
Fair Housing compliance
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